The Attraction Resort Model, Part I: How a Waterpark Hotel Works

In this series, we’ll examine the business model of attraction or theme park resorts. These resorts work, simply, by the attraction raising the value of the land uses around them. In this post, we examine the business model of a waterpark hotel and propose a framework for decision-making.  And although this is mostly about waterpark hotels, the […]

The Business of Theme Parks (Part II): How Much Do They Cost? And Earn?

In the first part of this series, we evaluated the revenue side of theme park business models.  In this series, we’ll continue our exploration of the economics of theme parks by reviewing the cost of building amusement and water parks. More importantly, however, we will be looking at what theme park development costs mean for profitability. […]

Deconstructing a Waterpark

Here at the Park Database, we like to crunch a lot of data.  In doing so, we can’t help but notice patterns and ways of abstracting what initially look like complex subjects.   Today, we turn our attention to waterparks.  We’ve run the numbers on hundreds of waterpark projects and thousands of individual waterpark attractions in […]