The Saudi Gigaprojects

Once primarily of appeal to religious tourists, Saudi Arabia is now positioning itself to become the ultimate leisure destination. Under the Vision 2030 Plan, launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2016, the kingdom is focused on diversifying its economy away from a reliance on oil revenues. The tourism and leisure industry are expected […]

Attractions and Leisure Development Middle East (22-24 October 2018)

We’ve long maintained that Saudi Arabia is the next potential leisure market to monitor in the Middle East.  With a population 3 times the size of the UAE, superior resource wealth, and almost zero development of leisure and entertainment, the market is fertile ground for our industry. As part of the Vision 2030 plan, not […]

Religious Travel (Focus: Saudi Arabia)

Attractions have the ability to draw tens of millions of people annually through their gates and completely change the economies of cities and states.  In effect, our industry is the study and harnessing of, massive tourism flows. This is no surprise.  But, what may be surprising is that even the largest themed attractions pale in comparison […]